Wednesday, January 6, 2010

family pics

ok, so we are alive, and here's some photos to prove it. these were taken just after the 2 year birthday, i can't believe how fast they grow up.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

san diego trip

we had an impromptu trip to san diego on spring break with jeremy & libby & co. we had a great time at the beach and the san diego zoo. and it was great to have someone there to take some pics of us. san diego is at the top of my list of places i'd rather be. the girlies LOVED the beach, and we did too.

Monday, February 2, 2009

january in review

so at the beginning of january we got a year pass to the zoo, and have gone twice. abby & maddie love it.

here maddie is realizing that she can not only pull open the drawers, but also pull everything out and put it on the floor. new games are so much fun.

best friends - they go everywhere together. soo cute. and the purse holding is very fun too.

oh man, don't you just want to squeeze her. we are finally completely switched over to sippys. did this the beginning of january. yay no more bottles to wash

i got them these sweater dresses, and i love them with jeans underneath. soo cute. oh, and we've totally embraced the Judy Jetson look.

um, abby, could you pose for the camera?

maddie has finally gotten on board with the whole purse thing and is now enjoying carrying one around. she loves her scooter and is such a good driver, she backs up, turns, does three point turns - it's amazing. grandpa calls her 'danika'

the latest craft project. my sis-in-law & i have spent the last two weeks searching for a great valentines wreath, with no luck. they are all pretty lame, so i decided to take matters into my own hands and put this together. it was alot of fun, and i love it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

random phone pics

i finally downloaded the pictures from my phone and here are some fun ones.

this one is old and when they were just learning to sit up.

abby loved to scoot along the couch, she got quite fast at it.

maddie and her pal harley looking for dad to come home.

our first time out to eat (old again it was summer so they were in tank tops) at crackers with our aunt tam

abby showing off her 'more' signing skills - more fries please.

found this cute airplane at a model home my sister in law was looking at and thought sweet we can play with this one ( i've seen these in catalogues for like $400)

maddie making the 'oh wow' face

abby thought it was pretty cool too


after - it looks darker, but i just got it cut - no color

front view

birthday cupcake - she didn't eat the cupcake just mashed the frosting everywhere

abby has become very aware of fashion and wanted to wear the hat because aunt Jenn was. i was surprised that she kept it on, but she thought she was pretty cool to be wearing something that aunt Jenn would wear. you should see her with the little purse i got them for Christmas - it's coming.

playing around in the back room

Monday, December 22, 2008

about face

it's finally happened. my girls are big enough to face forward in their new 'big girl' car seats. ok, so they've been big enough for a while there with their little feet hanging out of their carriers - but it's one of those things that you only think about when you're strapping them in to go somewhere. and lets face it - if we're strapping in, it's because i have a plan...

they are LOVING their seats and the new view. they love to look out the windows. of course it is a bit harder to get them both strapped in when it's just me. soon enough they will be able to strap themselves in, and then i'll really be sad because they'll be sooo big!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

all caught up

ok, i know i totally slacked for a few weeks/months - whatever. i'm caught up now so check out the latest posts and i'm going to do better. christmas is coming and we're very excited.

family pics

we had brooke take some family pics of all my siblings and their families a few weeks ago. it was so much fun that we're going to try to do it every year. here's a few... and btw i got a hair cut Yay!!

the whole crewmy brothers & sisters (not in any order)

don't i have the cutest babes ever! so fun with me and my babes. we'll work on smiling next year!i think we do okay too.
thanks brooke!